Had a dream about old friends last night. It evoked severe nostalgia as well as the feeling of needing to reconnect with those people.

We were in an old house-turned-bar fighting with three atrocious, monster-like men to the death. I watched two of my cousins die from head trauma, yet it didn't really seem to phase me. And it was like nothing had happened when a memory from my past walked through the front door. There was a period of about 2-3 years that we were really close. We shared things about our relationships, gave each other advice, drove around in my (then) new car blaring RX Bandits and Operation Ivy. He was fun. Gradually, our feelings developed into something more than just friends, but it never blossomed. I still see it as a result of something beautiful. After that time period, we simply grew apart. His attention turned elsewhere, and I was forced to be content with that.

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