Music Haps Making Me Happy

1.  Jason Lytle's Dept. Of Disappearance.  Yeah, I know this album came out last October, but thanks to Austin's new public radio station, KUTX 98.9, I discovered and fell in love with it.  Jason Lytle is pretty much a songwriting genius that has been making music since the early 90s with critically acclaimed group Grandaddy.  The band went to great lengths to try to break through into mainstream muck, but never quite got there so they gave up in 2006.  However, much to my avail, Lytle has continued making music and recording albums so the beauty of his somewhat unconventional sound powers on.

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2.  Jenny Lewis scoring Very Good Girls.  Jenny Lewis is a timeless beauty with an uncanny ability to write the most relatable songs and belt them out in a way you wouldn't think possible for such a tiny little woman.  She's amazingly talented and gracefully blossoms with each project she takes on throughout the years.  Her latest project involves scoring a new film that just showed at Sundance called Very Good Girls starring Dakota Fanning and Elizabeth Olsen. I can't wait to see it!

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3.  SXSW 2013.  It's that magical time of year again...when all the professional hipsters that wished they lived in Austin come visit for a week and a half and leave our beautiful, clean city without so much as a morning-after breakfast or a kiss goodbye.  That was a tad dramatic, but slightly true.  People from all over the world invade Austin and treat it like their personal playground whilst the locals moan and groan about the worsening traffic and downtown congestion.  All of the negative stuff aside, it can be a relatively eventful and fun week if you know how to play it.  Which means don't spend your life savings on a badge or wristband when you can get into plenty of awesome shows and "unofficial" parties for free during the day.  I had to work everyday of the music part of the festival last year so I didn't get to join Jason downtown and partake in some excellent day-drinking, free food, free beverages, free sunglasses and t-shirts and whatever else goes at those events.  Hopefully things work out differently this year and I'm able to get at least one of those days off.  Click here for more info.

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4.  Two Upcoming Shows at Stubb's.  We are going to see Tame Impala at the end of this month and Grizzly Bear in April!!  Two of my favorite bands, neither of which I have seen before.  So much wonderful live music heading our way makes me one happy girl  :)

5.  Austin Psych Fest.  We have also already purchased tickets for the first day of Austin Psych Fest, which is only growing larger with each year.  This will be the sixth (and the best) one so far.  It's going to take place in late April at Carson Creek Ranch over off of 71 East right on the river, and there are available campgrounds over there for people who refuse to let go of the party.  We, however, will be driving the ten minute drive back to our comfy bed that night.  No camping for us at a music festival ever again.  Not after the "pee foot" incident of Coachella 2010.  No sir.  I am super psyched (hehe) for the performances though.  This will be our third time to see Bass Drum of Death and our first time in the presence of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (!!!!!!), The Soft Moon and Warpaint.  

I am simply overwhelmed.  Music-lovers bliss, my friends.  Pure, unadulterated bliss.


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