Busy Body!

Whew!  My schedule has become super sporadic and all-over-the-place ever since I got this promotion. I just spent the last hour updating my calendar so I won't forget all of the upcoming things I have planned.  I've just been storing them in the file cabinet of my mind, trying to remind myself of everything on a daily basis so I don't forget, but this will be much easier now that it's all written down!  I always seem to underestimate the month of June.  It's just a silly little summer month; who knew I would have to cram so many things into those 30 days?  Let's see there's -- job training, Father's Day, my dad's birthday, the She & Him concert, new season premieres of The Killing, True Blood and Dexter, my girls are coming to visit, my grandparents' anniversary dinner, my best friend's birthday....and I really hope that's everything 'cause that's all I can think of.

Anyway!  Sorry I don't have time for a normal, lengthy post today, but I'll try to get one in tomorrow before work.

Hope everyone has a Saturday to remember! ;)

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