Just a 'Misprinted' Misfit

Misprint Magazine is by far my all-time favorite entertainment publication, or any publication for that matter. It never fails to put me in a better mood than I was prior to opening one of their 15 issues, which are hilariously titled in accordance to the topics discussed/mercilessly ridiculed (I.E.- The Gun Issue, The SXSWasted Issue, The Texas Issue).

The best thing about Misprint is that it's written and published in the heart of our own state capital, and it's known for belligerently mocking and tearing apart the culture (including music, art, events, etc.) of Texas' weirdest (and most badass) city.

I plan to embark on a quest to become the next Misprint intern because I am nothing if not graciously sarcastic and intent on being an elitist in the music industry simply because I have the the right to be.

Here is an excerpt discussing a few classic American novels, from The Decadence Issue:

About Orwell's 1984: "This work of non-fiction chronicles the most terrifyingly infamous year of the '80s, when the trifecta of Rick Springfield, the Cocteau Twins and Ronald Reagan were placing all aspects of pop culture under their control. Basically everyone had to wear ripped jeans, ridiculous haircuts and brutally oppress the fringes of society. And also lust after your good friend's woman and wonder where you can find one like that."

About Hemingway's For Whom the Bell Tolls: "You can ignore what it says on the back about the horrors of war and the human condition when confronted by one's own mortality and all that other nonsense. Today, respected critics read Hemingway's masterpiece as a cautionary allegory about a little band called Metallica after they cut their hair and stopped drinking beer. In fact, don't even bother reading it. Your time is way better spent listening to Ride the Lightning over and over until you can play all the solos."

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