Happy Leprechaun Day!

Happy Saint Patty's Day!  I'm doing a little celebrating myself...me and Wolverine that is.  It's kind of funny how much I've always liked this holiday.  I am partially Irish, mostly Scottish, but that isn't really why I like it.  I remember when I was very young, one weekend I was visiting my grandparents, and we went to the grocery store and my eyes were immediately attracted to this section full of Saint Patrick's Day decorations and treats.  I simply mentioned that I liked the stuff, and before I knew it, my grandma was buying me green-frosted cupcakes and shamrock crepe paper.  I decided I was going to have a Saint Patty's Day party and invite all of my friends.  Pretty sure everyone ended up being too busy to come over, so I was left with 12 cupcakes and shamrock decorations all for myself....not too shabby.   :)

I'm currently just hanging out at home making shredded BBQ chicken in the crockpot, drinking my green beer and constructing a playlist for our nine hour road trip to New Orleans in a couple of days.  Jason's downtown in the madness partaking in the festival that I am surrounded by everyday at work and did not feel the need to be a part of this year.  However, right now as I read people's Facebook statuses and see the pictures all over Twitter, I do kinda wish I were there sweating my brains out and whining about the annoyances around me.  Ah well, the choice was mine to make.

How are you celebrating this fine Irish holiday?  I hope happiness, alcohol and little green men are involved.


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