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Hello all.  Hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday evening.  Aside from work, I have been inside my home, bundled in blankets on the couch all afternoon/night.  It's been a rainy couple of days in Austin, but I don't mind it one bit.  Rain is so comforting to me.  There's just something wonderfully calm in knowing you're safe and warm inside while it's windy, wet and cold on the outside.

I just have a couple of chapters left to read in Michael Ian Black's latest book, You're Not Doing It Right: Tales of Marriage, Sex, Death, and Other Humiliations.  It is such an easy, hilarious read!  I am loving every second of it.  If you don't already follow him on Twitter, you seriously should because reading his book is like reading a slew of his ridiculously funny-but-true tweets.  It was such a pleasure to get to hear him speak in person, and after reading his book, I feel like he's one of my good friends because he's so incredibly open and humble.

Courtesy of mediadecay.com
So, I just have a few links for you to check out.  I wasn't really on top of things this week due to high levels of stress regarding SXSW and the work world, but here's what I could muster up:

This video is kind of old news, but if you haven't seen it, check it out.  So cute!

These jelly pies on Katie's blog look and sound so scrumptious.

Thanks to Danielle, I've started reading this adorable new blog and can't wait to see what these two post next.

I tried this copycat recipe of the Sweet Corn Tamale Cakes from The Cheesecake Factory, and they turned out really well!  They weren't as good as when someone else makes them for you, but Jason and I managed to both clean our plates.

These Lemony Cream Cheese Pancakes sound simply divine!

How cute is this tuxedo sweater?  Love MARC by Marc Jacobs.


Enjoy the rest of your night & don't forget to move your clocks up one hour for daylight savings time!


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