Flashback Friday: Me, Jason and my precious Nana on Graduation Day


Obsessing over: GOSSIP GIRL.  I have never kept up with the show, but only watched a few episodes here and there with my roommates in college or on the occasional it's-a-lonely-night-and-there's-nothing-on-TV moment.  I recently noticed that it's on Netflix Instant and decided to give it a shot.  Well, I am hooked now.  I finished the first season yesterday and watched the first three episodes of season two when I got home from work today.  Right now, I am LOVING Chuck (whom I previously despised) and, of course, Dan owns my heart, and Serena endlessly annoys me.  I'm very interested to see what path the plot takes because it has relentlessly held my picky attention thus far.

Eating: way too many sweets!  I swear my job will be the death of me.  I feel like I'm constantly snacking on something whether it's cookies from the kitchen or gifts from guests, there are always yummy, tempting treats sitting in the back office.  Today, there was a huge platter of sweet breads in celebration of Cinco de Mayo and my boss brought back some sampler desserts from his lunch downtown.  I have GOT to cool it with the sweets.

Anticipating:  My trip to Portland with my best friend, Jessica!  We're going in late July, and it's a first for both of us.  We've already got our spreadsheets and to-do lists stacked high, and we're staying at the coolest hotel ever, Jupiter Hotel.  It's an old motel from the 1960s that has been renovated and converged with a bar and music venue/club.  I just can't wait!  Is it July yet?!

Now,  I'm off to lounge with J and stuff my face with some Ben & Jerry's half-baked.  Enjoy your Friday evening!

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