Anticipating:  This amazing dinner Jason is making; the apartment is filled with the savory smells of creole spices, shrimp and citrus!  My mouth is watering like crazy, and my belly is growling up a storm.  He's trying out one of the recipes in the Emeril's cookbook his dad gave me this past Christmas.  I'm sure it will be absolutely delicious; Emeril's legit, guys.

Drinking:  A new favorite...Fox Barrel Blackberry Pear Hard Cider.  Cider has always been at the top of my beverage preferences, but it seems like I'm consistently opting for cider over beer these days.  This one is particularly quite tasty.  The blackberry flavor is a perfect counterpart to the pear, making this the perfect, fruity summer treat.

Reading:  Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins.  I know I'm so behind on The Hunger Games frenzy, but I was holding out for a copy of the second book to become available at our local library.  Three weeks into the hold I had placed on the book, it became clear I was going to have to grow, bottle and drink some miracle patience elixir before I would get my hands on it.  So, I gave in and purchased it at Target.  I am about halfway through and loving every second of it!  So far I like this one better than the first.  It's also neat getting to read the book and be introduced to the characters as they're selecting the cast for the CATCHING FIRE film due out next year.  One of my favorite actresses, Jena Malone has been chosen to play Johanna Mason, so I'm definitely looking forward to that.

Watching:  THE SHINING.  Oh, you know, I was just lounging on the couch after a day of work, as usual, flipping through the TV channels moaning and groaning because nothing interesting was on.  I was mildly intrigued by the "Caught On Tape: Teens Gone Wild" special on MSNBC, but that lasted all of about 35 minutes.  Sure enough, I came across one of the first movies to ever truly terrify me and give me psychotic nightmares.. on Spike of all channels.  Redrum.  REDRUM.  REDRUM.

Counting Down To:  My long-awaited trip to Portland, OR with my best friend, Jessica.  In approximately four days and eleven and a half hours, I will be boarding the plane.  This will be my first flight all by myself.  Not going to lie - I'm a little nervous.  I told Jason I normally don't pay much attention in airports when we travel together, I just follow his lead; my thoughts are much too preoccupied with the excitement of our destination.  We'll see how I do on my own.  I have faith in myself.  I think I can, I think I can.  Haha.

Listening To:  Dark, resonant tunes like this one by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club --

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  1. I loved Catching Fire too! i don't know which book of the trilogy is my favorite though... thats how good they are.
    first time visiting your blog and i love it! and you have awesome music taste from the beach boys to fitz and the tantrums, we like a lot of the same bands :)


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