MUSIC MONDAY & the Best Pizza Ever

Greetings, children.  Today's "music monday" is The Blood Brothers!  Now, I know people either love or hate their chaotic, noisy hardcore sound, and I happen to be one of the lovers.  Sadly they are not together anymore, but you can find a mellowed-out version of their style in vocalist/pianist Johnny Whitney's newer project, Jaguar Love.  I had the lovely pleasure of seeing The Blood Brothers live on two separate occasions in Houston at Numbers and Warehouse Live.  Twas a spectacular performance each time.

Here's a rad remix of "Nausea Shreds Yr Head" by Gajamagic:

Oh, btw, I made an out-of-this-world pizza for dinner tonight.  Get this - corn, CHORIZO, goat cheese, avocado and cilantro!  Wowie wow wow.  Eruption of flavors.  

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