A Weekend of Volleyballing and Baby Showering

Me with my mom and dad circa 1990
Well, I got to spend another wonderful weekend in Houston with my favorite people.  I left straight from work on Thursday afternoon and got to catch the end of my sister's volleyball game at Barbers Hill Middle School.  It's so neat to see her play in a school team sport.  I've watched my brother his whole life on various baseball, basketball and football teams, and it's been great, but it's fun to watch Micah kick some booty on the 7th grade A-team volleyball court.  She's pretty awesome.

Friday, my mom and Micah had to go to school/work so I went over to Nana's house and picked up some lunch and groceries for her.  We had a nice little afternoon eating, chatting and watching Days of Our Lives.  Then I went back to my mom's and we celebrated her 45th birthday with appetizers, margaritas and a free birthday brownie sundae at Chili's before heading over to Micah's volleyball game in Deer Park.

Micah's volleyball tournament continued on Saturday, and I got to watch the first game before heading over to New Caney with my step-dad and his girlfriend for my cousin Katie's baby shower.  I got to see a lot of family and friends on that side of the family that I hadn't seen in so long.  It was really wonderful to catch up with everybody and watch Katie open up all of her cute little baby gifts for baby Rylie due on November 9.  Saturday night was really fun because everybody (including my mom) actually stayed up late looking through old photo albums and reminiscing.

I had to come back to Austin on Sunday, but my mom made a super delicious lunch of harvest chowder and cornbread before I left.  I love my family :)

Here are some more pictures from my trip:

Watching soaps with Nana

Funny picture competition

Katie's Baby Shower

Watching football with Kaleb

Micah and her baby, Chico

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