On Being Terrified & Loving Every Minute Of It

Well, it has been nearly a week since Jason and I went to see the EVIL DEAD remake, and I have been meaning to share a few of my thoughts on it with you, I just couldn't decide how to organize them.

I have always been a huge fan of horror movies of all kinds.  Suspense, thrillers, slashers, paranormal and basically all others.  The only kind of horror I don't always enjoy is torture.  Although as I typed that I thought of a couple of torture films I did actually like - one of those being The Loved Ones, an Australian film written and directed by Sean Byrne, about a young man who rejects a female classmate's invitation to go to the prom with her which causes her psycho side to blossom.

As a lover of Sam Raimi's original Evil Dead trilogy, I knew going into the remake that it would not be as brilliant, but I was expecting to get a kick out of it based off of the reviews I had read.  While it definitely wasn't as good as the original, I can happily say it exceeded my expectations.  I love that there was pretty much zero sexuality in it.  Not that I don't enjoy mushy-gushy, hot n' heavy stuff from time to time, but I really feel there is a time and place for that in the movies, and too many horror movies these days feel like they have to flip-flop between exaggerated sex scenes and kill scenes.  It was honestly refreshing to see a horror movie that was just straight up gore, whether shocking, terrifying or even comical.

I also really loved that they kept it true to the original in ways.  The cinematography was even replicated in angle of the shots, the close-ups and the zooming in and out.  Although there was no Ash, his character was pretty much evenly divided between the two male characters.

I winced, I laughed, I jumped, I oohed and I ahhed.  It was an absolutely thrilling, fun ride the entire 90 minutes!  Go see it!

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