Texas Style Council Summer School

I don't think I've mentioned it yet, but a few weeks ago, I officially registered for the TxSC Summer School Conference along with my fellow blogging besties, Emily and Sarah.  I couldn't be more excited about this endeavor, or that it's taking place right here in my city!  I'm definitely going to find myself well outside of my comfort zone, but I'm going to make the absolute best of it and try to network with as many ladies as I can, and I'll have my good friends there beside me all along the way.

On the first day, Lulu's is coordinating a clothing + book swap in which each lady donates two pieces of used, but still-in-good-condition clothing and one book.  I've already picked two articles of clothing, but I haven't decided on a book yet.  There is also going to be a happy hour where we can go and mix n' mingle with all of the other conference attendees.  I am super excited to meet one of my favorite bloggers at this event - Joanna Wilkinson of Keep Austin Stylish.  I have followed Joanna's blog for a couple of years now, as well as her Instagram and Twitter, all of which never fail to entertain and amuse.

On Saturday and Sunday, there are a number of 101 type classes for blogging, general education and small business.  I am looking forward to attending classes lead by some of my other favorite bloggers including Katie Shelton of Skunkboy,  Jen Lula of Jen Loves Kev and Tolly Moseley of Austin Eavesdropper.  

Saturday night, TxSC is throwing a cocktail-attire Prom with lots of fun things going on, and Sunday morning, Elsie and Emma of A Beautiful Mess are giving the keynote speech!

I am beyond thrilled that I get to be a part of this, and I hope I take away as much as possible to build and promote my blog to the fullest extent.  August simply cannot come soon enough!


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  1. I realllllly enjoyed this post! It made me so excited for the conference! I can't wait to look at the schedule and what not.


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