West Coast Trip: Portland Day One

For some reason, I only took one picture the first day we were in Portland, probably because we really didn't do too much.  We got to our hotel late in the afternoon and were pretty worn out from the drive so we relaxed for about an hour before heading to Rock Bottom Brewery for dinner and drinks with Eric and Kristen, our friends (and Jason's ex-coworkers) who now live in Portland.  The restaurant is part of a chain, which we typically aren't into, coming from Austin where local food is king, but they recommended it, and the BBQ chicken salad I ordered did not disappoint, nor did the refreshing Kolsch beer.

After dinner, the four of us walked a few blocks over to one of the many McMenamins joints, Market Street Pub, popular in the Pacific Northwest, specifically Portland.  I tried a couple of their signature cocktails - an Abandoned Ship and a Three Rocks Hemingway, both were pretty delicious.  That pretty much ends our first, short little day in Portland.  It was nice to catch up with Eric and Kristen, who are planning a wedding for this December!  So congrats to them, and congrats to you for reading this not-so-exciting recap!  I promise day two in Portland is much more interesting, and I'll definitely make up for the lack of photos.


  1. At least the one picture you did take was of a pretty map ;)


    1. Haha! I suppose it works :)

      Thanks for the support, Sarah!


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