Mixtape Monday

Today's Mixtape Monday is all about the band that is No.1 on my list.  Now, please understand, this is no easy feat.  This band has rightfully earned their title of being the best in my mind.  I can, and have, listened to every single one of their albums from start to finish over and over and over, and I am still 100% head over heels for their sound, their style, their songwriting, their lyrics, their messages, their passion, their live performance, etc.  I could go on, but this would be the longest blog post known to man.  Obviously, this is all subjective, because they're clearly not everyone's favorite band, but they are seriously the biscuits to my gravy.  Ladies and gentlemen, here are just a handful of the best songs by the one and only...INTERPOL:

1. "Leif Erikson"
2. "PDA"
3. "Evil"
4. "Public Pervert"
5. "Slow Hands"
6. "All Fired Up"
7. "No I In Threesome"
8. "The Heinrich Maneuver"
9. "Success"
10. "The New"
11. "Obstacle 2"
12. "Roland"
13. "NYC"
14. "Stella Was a Diver and She Was Always Down"
15. "Obstacle 1"

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