AMC Has Done It Again

In 2003, Image Comics began publishing the eerie, yet typically comedic black and white zombie comic, The Walking Dead. American Movie Classics, better known as AMC, announced last August that they had bought the rights to make a television adaptation of the comic. Filming began on May 15, and the series is scheduled to debut in October.

The comic revolves around Kentucky-based Rick Grimes, a police officer, and his family, along with many other characters that are introduced throughout the volumes. The synopsis pretty much consists of what you would assume - a group of townspeople learning to work together while struggling to maintain their sanity and survive a zombie apocalypse. Goody goody gumdrops! Sounds pretty fun, huh?

I'm hypothesizing the TV show to be a great hit, especially if it's filmed and produced with the same degree of tact and entertainment that AMC's current original series' are, such as Breaking Bad and Mad Men.

There are currently 12 volumes; I have read the first six and am greatly anticipating the TV series premiere.

To see some sneak peeks and photos go to this link:
The Walking Dead on AMC


Music to my ears (literally!)

Whether they'll be hailed the next Johnny & June or the new Bob Dylan & Joan Baez, this duo is bound to feed folk lovers everywhere the most delectable spoonful of indie-bluegrass ever produced.

That's right. The stars have aligned, the clouds have parted and my dreams have come true. Thirty-one-year-old Singer/songwriter, Jenny Lewis, also the vocals and beauty behind Rilo Kiley, is teaming up with Johnathan Rice, her boyfriend of about six years to form 'Jenny & Johnny.'

Lewis started out as a child actor appearing in various short films, sitcoms and commercials. You might also recognize her from the 1998 film Pleasantville.

In the late '90s, she formed Rilo Kiley, which started out as a country band and slowly transitioned into indie rock. Rilo Kiley released five full-length albums, including More Adventurous in 2004 which received enormous amounts of praise.

She kicked off her solo career with Rabbit Fur Coat under Conor Oberst's record label, Team Love. In 2008 she released her second solo album, Acid Tongue, which contains two of my all-time favorite songs - "Next Messiah" and "Acid Tongue."

Johnathan Rice is intriguingly Scottish-American and devilishly handsome in my eyes. He has released two full-length studio albums, Trouble is Real and Further North.

This isn't the first time that Lewis and Rice have collaborated, however. Rice joined Lewis in "Carpetbaggers" off of her most recent album, Acid Tongue, which also ushered in a little help from mastermind Elvis Costello.