Now for the Men!

Ok, so I just gave you my Top Ten Celebrity Female Crushes.

Here is my list of Top Ten Celeb Male Crushes:

1. Conor Oberst, age 30, Singer (Brights Eyes, Desparecidos, & The Mystic Valley Band)

What can I say? He just speaks to me.

2. Leonardo DiCaprio, age 35, Actor (Inception, Shutter Island)

3. John Krasinski, age 30, Actor (The Office, License To Wed)

4. Paul Dano, age 26, Actor (Little Miss Sunshine, There Will Be Blood)

5. Paul Rudd, age 41, Actor (Role Models, I Love You Man)

6. John Corbett, age 49, Actor (Sex and the City, United States of Tara)

7. Trent Reznor, age 45, Singer (Nine Inch Nails, How To Destroy Angels)

8. Josh Hartnett, age 31, Actor (Wicker Park, 30 Days of Night)

9. Hugh Jackman, age 41, Actor (X-Men, Australia)

10. Ryan Reynolds, age 33, Actor (Amityville Horror, Adventureland)


But still sometimes I can't believe you're real...

...It's just that I've got diamonds in my eyes for you.

For entertainment's sake, I've decided to give a visual list of my top 10 female and male celeb crushes.

I'll start with the ladies.

1. Jenny Lewis, age 31, Singer/Actress

Check out Jenny's new project, Jenny & Johnny, a collaboration with her boyfriend of five years, Johnathan Rice.

2. Zooey Deschanel, age 30, Singer/Actress

She stars in one of my all-time favorite indie flicks, Gigantic.

3. Megan Fox, age 24, Actress

Two words - Jennifer's Body. That's when I knew I loved Megan Fox.

4. Michelle Williams, age 29, Actress

See the indie film Mammoth. You'll understand my infatuation with Michelle Williams.

5. Alexis Bledel, age 28, Actress/Model

Classic Gilmore beauty, and she's from my hometown, Houston.

6. Evan Rachel Wood, age 22, Actress

She's beauty meets darkness.

7. Scarlett Johansson, age 25, Actress/Singer

It's easy to see the attraction here. I don't particularly take to her singing voice, but she's a decent actress and one helluva bombshell.

8. Elizabeth Banks, age 36, Actress

Such a charmer. She just seems like a decent person to be around.

9. Alison Lohman, age 30, Actress

Drag Me To Hell made me love her.

10. Katy Perry, age 25, Singer

Cute, but outrageous. (like me!)


I'll be your wave carrying you to shore.

Jason and I saw Indie Pop band 'Islands' at The Parish on 6th St. Tuesday night.

Steel Phantoms (meh) and Active Child (omg) opened for them.

Nick T. put on a great show wearing all white with a bizarre white hood that he draped across his face half the set. They opened with "Disarming the Car Bomb" from their newest studio album Vapours. For the most part, they stuck to the newer songs, but every few songs, they'd throw in an oldie from either Return to the Sea or Arm's Way.


A Hot English Toddie and Some Ginger Jam

For the past month, I've been interning, sans profit, at my favorite Austin radio station, 101X (101.5 FM), specifically the morning show, the MorningX with Jason Dick and Deb O'Keefe.

I wake up at 4:50am on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, pack a light breakfast and a Red Bull, drive out to Emmis Communications in North Austin, and sit at a computer from about 6:00am-12:00pm. Ok, I made it sound unbelievably boring, but it's really not. My tasks typically include writing and posting a blog entry about each of the topics discussed on the show, editing and uploading a podcast for each segment, emailing airchecks to our sponsors such as Ideal Image, Budweiser, and Restora Austin, and, finally, I edit a few of the segments, chosen by Cassandra, my boss, and make them into Morning Xtras which are played the 
next morning prior to the show.

So far I've had a blast. Jason and Deb are hilarious, most of the interns are easy to get along with, and Cassandra, the associate producer of the show, is really easy-going and helpful. This has truly been a great experience for me. I'm still unsure whether or not I'm interested in pursuing a career in radio, mainly because of the money. Almost everyone that works at Emmis, aside 

from the business people like HR and Sales, has at least two jobs, which is pretty discouraging, but I'd much rather be happy and poor than miserable and wealthy. I've stood by that philosophy most of my life. I don't want to be one of those people that dreads going to work each day and never sees their family. Life is far too short for that bullshit.

It's exciting and scary to think I'll be graduating in six months. I still feel like such a baby in this world, but, at the same time, I know I'll be fine because I'm already so independent and have been for years now. If all the adults before me could do it, surely I can too. I'm excited for everything that's about to happen in my life. I'm almost done with school (for the time being), I'm about to get a REAL salary-based job, and I'm preparing to take a really big step with my boyfriend of almost a year. As frightening as it all seems, I know I can do it, and I'm ready.

"...But she was grateful for everything that had happened.
And she was anxious for all that would come next."
-bright eyes, "Waste of Paint"

For more on Jason and Deb:
MorningX Official Site
MorningX Twitter
Jason and Deb Facebook