Me Love Pop Rox

Surf rock has always made me weak at the knees... I can say with complete honesty that The Beach Boys will forever be a cherished favorite of mine.

You might have noticed, if you're as into indie music as I am (har har), that surf rock/pop rock is making a delicious comeback, with bands like Best Coast, Wavves and The Drums.
Los Angeles' Best Coast is probably one of the most exalted bands to ever be birthed from the indie scene. They were ranked as the #1 Best New Band of 2010 on NME's Top 100 list. Everywhere you turn Bethany Cosentino, BC's lead singer, is being interviewed and/or worshiped, as she should. "Multi-instrumentalist" Bobb Bruno and drummer Ali Koehler are Cosentino's sidekicks in producing the cutest, angstiest music since Mirah. Listen to "Happy" and "Crazy For You" off their debut album.

Want a funtime? Meet the volatile threesome, Wavves. After the many band member switch-outs, Wavves has finally settled (at least for the time being) with lead vocalist Nathan Wiliams, Billy Hayes and Stephen Pope. Hayes and Pope are both former members of the late Jay Reatard's band and chose to join Williams last November. The band recently released its third album, King of the Beach. Let me just say, if it were legal to marry an inanimate object, this album would be at the top of my list. Check out "Idiot" and "Take On the World."

The Drums' music is new to my ears, but already golden in my heart. The best way to describe their sound is to picture yourself on a beach in a garage with the
most badass pair of Ray Bans propped up on your nose. The Drums is Jonathan Pierce, Jacob Graham, Conor Harwick and the late guitarist Adam Kessler, who supposedly dropped out of the band last week as announced via the group's Facebook page. They released their first album in June and have been receiving nothing but praise and incredible worth. Hopefully Kessler's peace-out won't damage their climb up the indie success ladder. Give their album a listen, especially "Let's Go Surfing" and "Best Friend."


A Beautiful Moment in Film

This has to be one of the most aesthetically pleasing scenes ever filmed. Everything fits together so perfectly.
Wes Anderson is a genius.

The Royal Tenenbaums, 2001