But still sometimes I can't believe you're real...

...It's just that I've got diamonds in my eyes for you.

For entertainment's sake, I've decided to give a visual list of my top 10 female and male celeb crushes.

I'll start with the ladies.

1. Jenny Lewis, age 31, Singer/Actress

Check out Jenny's new project, Jenny & Johnny, a collaboration with her boyfriend of five years, Johnathan Rice.

2. Zooey Deschanel, age 30, Singer/Actress

She stars in one of my all-time favorite indie flicks, Gigantic.

3. Megan Fox, age 24, Actress

Two words - Jennifer's Body. That's when I knew I loved Megan Fox.

4. Michelle Williams, age 29, Actress

See the indie film Mammoth. You'll understand my infatuation with Michelle Williams.

5. Alexis Bledel, age 28, Actress/Model

Classic Gilmore beauty, and she's from my hometown, Houston.

6. Evan Rachel Wood, age 22, Actress

She's beauty meets darkness.

7. Scarlett Johansson, age 25, Actress/Singer

It's easy to see the attraction here. I don't particularly take to her singing voice, but she's a decent actress and one helluva bombshell.

8. Elizabeth Banks, age 36, Actress

Such a charmer. She just seems like a decent person to be around.

9. Alison Lohman, age 30, Actress

Drag Me To Hell made me love her.

10. Katy Perry, age 25, Singer

Cute, but outrageous. (like me!)

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