Just Another Wild Saturday Night

Hi guys. I went to another "BARcade" last night.  That makes the second one this summer, and I'd never been to one before in my life.  This one, Pinballz, was up in north Austin (a.k.a Suburbia).  I've never really experienced much of the north side aside from going up to Jason's parents' place about once a week or so.  We met up with our friends, Corey and Helen, who are newly engaged!  I'm so excited for them AND the fact that we'll be attending another wedding in the spring.  I just love the energy of weddings...and the food...and the cake...and the dancing of course.  Anyway, back to Pinballaz - it wasn't really a bar exactly, but it was BYOB in an odd fashion.  You could only bring in one drink at a time; you had to keep the rest outside of the business.  Luckily one of Corey's friends brought a cooler that he just kept in his car out in the parking lot.  So this place was 13,000 sq. ft of crazy awesome pinball machines, old school Sega and Pacman games, skee ball, air hockey and the oh-so-addicting ticket machines.  Thanks to Corey, Helen and Jason's contributions I had 296 tickets at the end of the evening and picked a mood ring, a scented pencil, a fortune-telling plastic fish and two jolly ranchers as my prizes.  And let me tell you, that mood ring sure changed some colors at work today!  Boy oh boy.

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