Cheers to you, my friends, on this best of Mondays.  Today's Music Monday is a true gentleman - at least according to his lyrics.  Mason Jennings is a singer-songwriter from Hawaii of all places.  His music first caught my ears when I was in college.  I think, if I remember correctly, the first song of his that I listened to was "Fighter Girl" and I remember falling madly in love with it and playing it over and over because it reminded me so much of myself.  I have always been a wild, boy-crazy, emotional little lady - I know it's so hard to believe (haha).  The song just magically transports me to times of young, baby-seed love; especially those high school days when I would stay out later than I was supposed to and be places I wasn't supposed to be.  Ah, the golden days.  Anyway, Mr. Jennings is an incredible songwriter; he writes about so many different subjects too - everything from politics and religion to crime, abuse and love.  Check him out!

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