Fall Fashion Favorites

It's that magical time of year again when everyone starts chatting about fall fashion over coffee at their local coffee shops because they're pretending the outside temperature is actually beginning to cool off.  Well, maybe it's cooling off in certain parts of the country, but not here in Texas.  Actually, as I say that, I remember that we've actually had a slight cool front these past couple of days in Austin due to some light rain.  And by "cool front" I mean the high today was 99 degrees instead of 108, but there has been a lovely breeze which really makes all the difference.

I've never been one to actively follow a seasonal "code" of what and what not to wear at different times of the year.  I've always just worn whatever I felt comfortable in.  It's amazing that specific colors are assigned to each of the seasons.  If I want to wear a neon, floral dress in the winter, I am going to do that.  Who cares if I offend someone by my questionable sense of style?  Not me.  That being said, I have been dutifully studying my Vogue and InStyle Fall Fashion textbooks that arrived in the mail a couple of weeks ago, and I'm realizing that it's actually kind of fun to see what trends have been popping up on high fashion runways.  Oh, and I'm pretty much obsessed with the thought that grunge is back.  Nothing makes me giddy like the '90s!

In addition to my Fall Fashion magazine manuals, I have been soaking up tips and tricks from a few of my favorite fashion bloggers, as well as a website or two.  Joanna of Keep Austin Stylish mentions beanies, emerald hues, knee-high lamb socks, leopard print, leather and slouchy pants.  I've never been fond of myself in hats, but something tells me I could rock a beanie into the ground, and I've always loved emerald. 
American Apparel via ASOS

Personally, I think knee-high socks are super hot.  I guess I should invest in some cute boots I can wear them with.  As for leopard print, I don't think it'll ever be not classy and sophisticated.  It's way too timeless. 

Kate Spade

Leather, however, is a different story for me.  This is a trend I don't think I'll ever be into.  I have never liked leather on me or on other people.  I just think it looks tacky.  And slouchy pants are definitely not the cutest piece of clothing out there, but they sure look comfy.

Urban Outfitters

Aside from these trends, I am also really into these styles for the upcoming Fall season:

Spanx skinny jeans (just released!)
Hunter boots


  1. Ohhh I'm with you on the beanies, emerald hues, leopard and knee socks! I can get behind ALL that :)

    Leather is hit or miss but slouchy pants...ew.

    I want some Hunter wellies sooo bad but they're so expensive and it just doesn't rain enough here :( maybe I can find a pair of knock-offs. Good picks!

  2. I am with Em, I desperately want some Hunter boots but I can't justify the price tag!

    I love those Minnetonka mocs!


  3. I am with Em, I desperately want some Hunter boots but I can't justify the price tag!

    I love those Minnetonka mocs!



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