Mixtape Monday

Ahoy, friends!  The music lover in me has been itching to bring back my playlist posts, but I've been having some technical difficulties with my little old Mac OS operating system.  I'm being super stubborn and refusing to pay for the new version of the software because I keep telling myself I'm going to just buy a new computer soon.  We'll see what happens.  I, myself, truly do not even know.  However, I have managed to work out a temporary fix until the magical day comes when I can afford to buy a new computer without feeling guilty and penniless.  Starting today, I am going to publish a recurring, weekly "Mixtape Monday" post with a different theme each time, unlike my previous playlist posts which tended to be on the random side.

So, here it is, in all its glory.  My first Mixtape Monday.  The almighty theme for this week's playlist is grunge/garage rock.  Each of these 16 songs have a raw, barbaric sound that is so real you can't help but wanna rage and riot.  Have at it, kids.

Track Listing:

1. "Jane" - Popstrangers
2. "Ripper" - Jeff The Brotherhood
3. "Think" - The Men
4. "Planet Of The Dreamers" - Jacuzzi Boys
5. "Block Of Ice" - The Oh Sees
6. "Pond Rot" - California X
7. "Get Along" - Mikal Cronin
8. "Mystical Portal II" - Jeff The Brotherhood
9. "The Coconut" - The Oh Sees
10. "Hours Of The Night" - Mrs. Magician
11. "Meet You Later" - Japanther
12. "Everyone's A Bitch" - Jaill
13. "Troubled And Done" - Balkans
14. "What's Mine Is Yours" - Sleater-Kinney
15. "No Demons" - Bass Drum of Death
16. "Jellyfish" - Paws

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  1. LOVE your taste in musicccc!!!!!!!

    You should listen to Heart Beats by JohnnySwim


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