Weekend Happenings

As you probably know, I work at a hotel so I don't work a typical Monday through Friday 8 to 5 schedule.  In fact, my schedule is a little all over the place.  I am off two days each week, just like everybody else, but my two days off are different each week depending on the needs/occupancy of the hotel.  It can be a little frustrating at times because most of my friends live in other cities and work during the week, so if I ever want to see them, I pretty much have to request to be off on Saturday and Sunday which is highly frowned upon at work.  It's a struggle I really don't enjoy, but it's important to see my besties every now and then, so I do it.  On the other hand, it's sometimes nice to have weekdays off because I can get my grocery shopping and errands done while mostly everyone else is working, so I don't have to deal with insane crowds and lines on Saturdays and Sundays.

The past two days were my weekend, and today is my Monday.  I go back to work this afternoon, and I'll work the next four days before I'm off again, and we leave for our much-anticipated trip to the PNW!  Work isn't so bad when there's a beautiful light beaming at the end of the tunnel.

Here's a little about my weekend:

On Wednesday, as per every 8 weeks, I got my hair trimmed and highlighted by Temera at J. Coco Salon & Day Spa.  I got my usual blonde streaks, but this time, since we're easing into Fall, I decided to get some copper streaks as well.  I'm really liking the dimensional color so far.  My hair holds red coloring really well since my natural color is a reddish-brown auburn.

After my hair appointment, I stopped by Old Navy to say hi to Jason and do some browsing.  I happily left with a sweet little denim capped sleeve dress, some fall-colored knee-high socks and some sunglasses on clearance.

I also ventured up north to the Domain to actually shop there for the first time.  I had been only once before just to meet some friends for dinner.  I went specifically to check out the new-ish H&M store, and to seek out a denim jacket for our trip since the high temperatures are in the 70s-80s up there and just to wear for Fall in general.  On my walk from the parking garage to H&M, I just HAD to go in Anthropologie and Altar'd State.  It would be silly to pass by them without a little peek, you know.  Of course, everything in both stores was WAY out of my price range, but I'll keep dreaming.  I did happen to find a super cute denim jacket at H&M, in addition to a light chambray shirt and a skinny hot pink belt.

That night, Jason made BBQ burgers for dinner, and we finished watching season one of Orange Is the New Black.  I'm super excited for season two!  That ending was wild...

Yesterday was a day of grocery shopping, wine drinking, making fun of my cats "bathing" themselves, watching Rocky Horror Picture Show and baking.  Oh, what's that?  You wanna know what I baked?  Just call me the Queen of French Macarons because, although some of them cracked, they came out pretty swell and crazy scrumptious!  Many thanks to Elizabeth of Delightfully Tacky for providing the inspiration to try making these adorable, finicky little treats.

Overall, it was a really nice, relaxing weekend.  I feel pretty refreshed, and I'm actually looking forward to work tonight.  Mainly because I know I only have five days of it until my VACATION!

For those of you with "normal" work schedules, Happy Friday, and I hope you have a great weekend!



  1. Yummm those macarons look delish! I'm thinking I want some treats ;)

    I'm really excited for your vacay! I hope you love Seattle as much as I do :)

    1. I'm sure I'll love Seattle! Especially with all of your fun recommendations!

  2. That salon looks so relaxing! I totally hate you for posting that picture of wine by the way, it's what I miss the most! (I'm pregnant, lol). Those macarons look so AMAZING and cute, I've been wanting to try to bake some myself!

    ♥ Brittney @ True Vintage Love

    1. Although macarons are finicky and pretty difficult to make, I highly recommend trying them out! They are so delicious!

      And man, am I glad I'm not pregnant yet! Wine would be a hard habit to shake, haha.

  3. Those cookies look......and were delicious!!!!!!!!!!

    .... also your hair is gorg.



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