Ladies of Alt Rock

Is it just me, or do Erika Wennerstrom and Kim Gordon share some sort of resemblance?

Maybe it's just the fact that they're both overtly successful middle-aged women, each embodying an undeniable talent with a guitar in hand.

Gordon, at age 56, is not only a lead guitarist/vocalist for no wave/alt rock gods, Sonic Youth, but she's also a visual artist, curator, wife, mother AND she has her very own clothing line, Mirror Dash. However, the main reason why she's at the top of my 'people to be like' list is because of her admirable relationship with Thurston Moore, fellow band mate and her husband of 27 years. I have a shit-ton of respect for the couple because recent events in my life have proven what I've been told my entire life - relationships suck, marriage is a bitch and it takes way more effort than most people are willing to give. Their remarkable bond is an exception. They love each other in a loveless world.

End of soapbox monologue.

On to Erika Wennerstrom. This lady is a powerhouse. Her voice envelopes and epitomizes every aspect of blues-rock. Wennerstrom is lead guitarist, vocalist and pianist for a newer-on-the-scene, somewhat-underground band called Heartless Bastards. I've, personally, had the honor of seeing them play twice. They opened for Jenny Lewis at Stubb's in Austin June of last year, and I also saw them last October when they opened for Wolfmother. Both performances were absolutely memorable and disappointment-free.

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