New glasses & old birthing sweater
Making: Delicious food.  A few nights ago I made one of our go-to cheap meals, soft tacos, except this time I whipped up some refried black beans Trudy's-style with a little bit of sugar and lots of cayenne pepper.  Last night I made a dish I've made once before - Asian Turkey Lettuce Wraps from Taste of Home.  Those will definitely go into the dinner rotation.  So, so scrumptious and only 275 calories for two lettuce wraps!

Watching: Too many wonderful shows!  As of right now I'm keeping up with Shameless, GIRLS, Parenthood (season four finale is on tonight!) and Vampire Diaries.  I'm in the process of trying to catch up on New Girl, and we just caught up completely on Homeland, which is ridiculously amazing.

Listening to: FIDLAR's debut self-titled album, SXSW 2013 band Popstrangers, London-based shoegaze/psychedelic band TOY, and the always-lovely Bat For Lashes.

Anticipating: Our mini-vacation next week!  One of my Christmas gifts to Jason was a romantic one-night stay at the Riverwalk Vista in San Antonio, so we're doing that Sunday night, and then on Tuesday we're making the drive north to Dallas to see Jason's extended family and our friends Chris and Evelyn's new addition, baby Nathan.  We will also, hopefully, get a chance to see some of my friends that live in the DFW area, so it should be a really nice time.

Working on: drinking more water on a daily basis.  This has always been an issue for me.  I'm a HUGE drink person.  Growing up, my mom always kept Coke, Dr.Pepper and lots of juices in the house, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but I always opted for those drinks over flavorless water.  I am also currently working on not getting sick.  It's cold and flu season, and I typically get some kind of head cold/stuffiness twice during the winter months.  I've already been sick once toward the end of November and that was no fun.  Yesterday evening my throat started itching and this morning when I woke up it was a little sore.  I've been drinking Emergen-C, loading up on actual vitamin C tablets and keeping my throat coated via cough drops.  I seriously do not want to get sick right before this getaway!

As always, thanks for reading my "Currently" posts, and thanks to Danielle for the inspiration.


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