Human Flesh: It's What's for Dinner!

What's so wrong with investing all of your energy (or lack thereof) to stalking the living and devouring their flesh? Seriously...the living dead have to eat somehow. So why do we feel the need to blow their heads off when they're simply doing the same thing as the rest of us- just trying to get by? I mean, come on, we need to wake up and realize it would be much easier if we at least attempted to be amicable towards these incompetent creatures than to try to kill them all off because, frankly, that's just no fun. I am proposing an idea: Each day one of the living singles out a person to sacrifice to the undead. It may sound cruel and unnecessary, but I can assure you it's neither. I know there are enough people in this world that I would love to exterminate but would rather not complete the task myself. So why not make a sacrifice and do the world a favor by feeding our new found corpse-friends and eliminating annoyances? I rest my case.

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