Punk Rock, Judaism, & Political Protesting!

I just finished reading this amazing book titled Tales of a Punk Rock Nothing. Having read this book, I feel quite enlightened. It's about Elliot, a 20 year old Jew, who finds himself moving to DC instead of fulfilling his parents wishes and dreams of going to a university. I was surprised that so much of what is mentioned in the book relates to my life right now. Issues with past relationships, feelings that won't seem to go away, philosophical ideas attempting to change the way I view the world and life all together. It seems silly, but I really feel like someone out there is watching out for me and everything will eventually be all right for me. It has to. I've never been one to believe that "everything happens for a reason", but I know for sure that I am glad I came across this book. I know I'm not alone. And I know that there is someone out there for me: My Rushmore. And he's waiting to find me, sweep me off of my feet, look me in the eyes, and say "It's time to start a new life. Forget everything you thought you knew and understood because it's all behind you now. It's just you and me and a clean slate. We can do what ever our hearts desire." I know he's out there. It's just a matter of waiting in the waiting room, drumming my fingers, pouting, and not getting over you-know-who until then. Love may be all we need, but it sure sucks. Hmph.

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