Fulton Read brings live music back, light show disappoints

Local music junkies from the area, along with those just looking for a good time, found themselves at Bar One-41 last Saturday night for the highly anticipated and overly promoted 3D light show.

The bar opened its doors at 8 p.m., bringing the space above Barfish back to life by filling it with a source of entertainment and, subsequently, a crowd once again. Rest in peace, Lucy’s.

The show kicked off with plunging, hardcore sounds from Austin-based band, Newlywed that was followed by the energized boys of Zlam Dunk, a San Marcos favorite.

The Couch was the third band to inexplicably bring the beat to Bar One-41 with a soulful, catchy sound.

Fulton Read, a piano rock band originally from The Woodlands, headlined the show. Although their set was scheduled four hours into the show, the crowd managed to hold for the most part, and I can safely say they held out for an interesting display.

Anthony Erickson, vocalist and pianist of Fulton Read, said the group has been together for almost five years now and have been performing since their high school days.

They have released three CDs since their arrival in San Marcos including How Rocks Become Mountains, Out of the Woods and their latest EP titled Indivisualize, composed of four tracks completely free and available on their website, www.fultonread.com. The band appears to have been successful in their local shows and musical endeavors. Their first two CD releases alone sold over 1500 copies.

Their influences in jazz and piano-centric music were obvious throughout their performance, and the presence of Austin’s Hellfire Horns brought something fabulously fresh and jazzy to the stage. I especially enjoyed their cover of the funk rock classic “Sunshine of Your Love.”

Fortunately the music was a delightful crowd pleaser because it made up for the lack of psychedelic effects produced by the 3D light show. Whether it was the lights across the white backdrop or a defective pair of three-dimensional paper glasses, I was sadly not impressed. I give props to the originality of thought in the planning of the event, but the single red star and slight glow around each band member was not the outcome I was expecting.

Nonetheless, the square got a little more action than usual Saturday night, and it was still a great time for the many for gave it a shot.

Erickson, also a Mass Communication senior, was impressed by the large turnout and glad people were able to make it out.

“The people here have great class and love to come out and party,” said Erickson. “It was a lot of fun, and it was great to get to play a show with other [talented] local bands.”

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