Tantra Offers Great Treats, Music

Tantra Coffeehouse has become a San Marcos staple for locals and must see for visitors.

It is not only a great place to study and relax with the indulgence of a tasty beverage or snack, but also a perfect location for witnessing some of the town’s finest live music.

Tuesday nights are dubbed the name “Gypsy Jazz Nights”, which are just the cure for long, stressful work or school days.

Locals and students gather out in the side-yard to drift away to some easy-going, mellow tunes played by a few of the best small time, innovative musicians.

Texas State senior, Anne Ruthstrom said she really enjoys Gypsy Jazz Night and tries to make it out every Tuesday after she gets off work.

The jazzy guitars and eclectic sounds of Gypsy Jazz Night can be heard from blocks away from 9 p.m. to midnight.

Every second and fourth Wednesday of each month are “tribal nights”, which sometimes even include belly dancers and belly dance lessons to rumble and roll of tribal drums and bongos.

Thursday nights are Open Mic nights, and Fridays and Saturdays host even more delectable live music acts for local enjoyment.

However, Tantra isn’t merely limited to delicious coffee, tea and absurdly divine music. Sundays are devoted to afternoon unicycle football tournaments out in the parking lot and also poetry readings in the evening.

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