Ashleigh Stone and Our Favorite Colors

Local musician Ashleigh Stone graced the town with her late-night, jazzy performance Tuesday at Triple Crown.

Stone and her band, Our Favorite Colors, successfully filled the venue with deep soul and rich energy.

The band consists of Stone on keys and vocals, Jason Wilkinson on drums, Kevin Colis on guitar and Ricardo Martinez on a variety on

instruments including additional keys, clarinet and saxophone.

I would describe the sound as this decade’s Fiona Apple, without the edgy teen angst factor. Stone’s vocals were low and subdued like those of Dawn Landes.

She had a vibrant disposition as she bee-bopped around and tapped her feet while playing the keyboard.

The band began the set with a poppy, energetic tune and made a smooth transition to a slow, melancholic song called “Amen.”

The crowd swayed and danced the entire set, regardless of the tempos played.

The song, “Lovely” seemed to be one of the more upbeat and popular songs.

Stone’s Web site biography describes her music as “a virtual playground. (It combines) traditional pop form with non-traditional expressions and new perspectives that create something uniquely modern, but always familiar.”

Stone is looking for new musicians to accompany her in a possible spring tour, according to her Facebook. As for now, she plans to stay in the area. Her next show is scheduled for New Year’s Eve at First Night Austin.

Ashleigh Stone and Our Favorite Colors were introduced by the southern rock band, King Fisher.

One of their original songs, titled “Pest,” especially held my attention. They closed their set with The Band’s “Take A Load Off Annie.”

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