Blues band keeps it real with audience

The Bastard Boys Blues Band are a rowdy group of five 20-something-year-old men on a mission to cure their troubles by belting out the blues with a bottle of Jim Beam at their side.

The Bastard Boys are guitarist and lead vocalist Joe Wozny, guitarist Adam Brisbin, bassist Justin Filor, keyboardist Jamie Ringleholm and drummer Brian Dunn.

According to their Web site, the band’s main influences respectively include whiskey, women, trains and Parliament Lights.

The band proved its ability to blow minds and actively entertain the audience last Tuesday night at Triple Crown.

The lyrics display one-of-a-kind humor that kept me laughing throughout the much-too short, one hour-long set. The first song they played was “Swamp House Stomp” about traveling through a swamp and another was about the “brand new haircut blues.”

I could tell I was in for a good show within the first few minutes of the song.

The Bastard Boys even sang a town tribute called “San Marcos Blues,” which mentioned various parts and characteristics of the city, such as Triple Crown and fellow local band Zlam Dunk.

The band was diverse in its musical styles. It was apparent to me each member brought something different to the table.

They each had a broad range of talent and vocals alternated between Wozny, Brisbin, Ringleholm and Dunn throughout the set.

Wozny’s vocals would blow the minds of Tom Waits fans. Wozny had a raspy, bluesy tone that correlated well with the traditional heavy blues bass line and soulful, ardent keyboard solos.

Wozny was jittery and animated during and in-between songs, energizing the crowd, chanting back and forth with them. I was having a blast watching his outrageous performance.

The boys closed with “Over-privileged Hipster Blues,” which comically chronicled the trials and tribulations of the modern day college student.

I have always been a fan of blues and jazz music, and I can honestly say I was impressed with the members’ energy and ability to convey the traditional blues style of artists like the great B.B. King.

The Bastard Boys Blues Band is scheduled to play its next show Nov. 11 at Triple Crown.

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