Got Jesus On My Neck-a-lace.

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Throughout this month I've been participating in the January Photo-A-Day Challenge via Instagram for iPhone.  The challenge has you post a picture of something different each day such as your shoes, the sky, something homemade, etc.  Yesterday's photo subject was "guilty pleasure," so I posted a picture of Ke$ha because although I rarely listen to or enjoy mainstream pop music, I happen to really love her tenacity and energy.  My friends were very surprised by this I guess because I despised her first single, "Tik Tok"and I wasn't too fond of "Your Love Is My Drug" either, but I gave her a chance after I heard "We R Who We R" because it reminded me so much of my friends and I and our crazy days.  I think her album Cannibal is simply genius, and it serves as the perfect pick-me-up on blah days when I need some energetic motivation.  She's actually one of the few mainstream performers I would absolutely LOVE to see live, even though I know she'd perform at one of those huge, horrid amphitheaters or arenas that I despise for the purpose of seeing live shows.  I would make an exception for her!

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Another reason why I like her so much is because she isn't afraid to take risks and make [sometimes] crazy collaborations.  About a year ago there was talk of her recording with Georgia-based, indie-punk band The Black Lips.  Something about how they had all grown up together.  I'm not sure anything ever became of it though.  Now, Wayne Coyne, the enthusiastic frontman of psychedelic alt-rock band The Flaming Lips, has been tweeting about collaborating with Ke$ha, which, if it actually pans out, will be a mind-blowing, triumphant masterpiece I'm sure.  I'm excited to see what she has planned next, but whatever it may be, I know it'll be super-sleazy...in the most charming way possible.  Love you, Ke$ha!


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