Small Update!

I'm on the last leg of my relaxing three days off from work!  Wednesday I took care of some much needed errands: bought a new shower curtain liner because ours was disgusting, new bed sheets because ours were literally ripping at the seams, bought two new pairs of flats at Payless and did some healthy browsing at Central Market.

Yesterday Jason was off work too so we got to spend the entire day together, which is super rare these days.  We kicked off our day with a much-needed workout at the gym.  After freshening up, we went out for lunch at Jalisco's, an authentic Mexican place.  It wasn't the best I've ever had, but it was Groupon-worthy I suppose.  :)  Once our food was mostly digested, we decided to venture downtown and check out Tacos & Tequila for happy hour.  The place was fabulously designed and decorated, including a great bar that actually hanged from the ceiling.  We each indulged in three margaritas.  They offer a lot of really original signature margaritas that we were interested to try out.  I got a Pink Hibiscus (delicious!) and Jason tried the Agave Pear, which he wasn't too happy with.  We'll definitely be back though- I hear they have a killer brunch for $18, but that includes BOTTOMLESS mimosas!  Just think of the possibilities, ha!

Anyway, after happy hour we were exhausted, but I had been dying to see Beauty and the Beast in 3D, as that was one of my favorites as a child, so we went over to the Cinemark at Southpark Meadows, and I got to relive my childhood.  It was absolutely splendid.

So, I think today I'll just relax at home with my little loves, maybe do some reading.


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