Oh hello friends.  It's Friday night.  Kinda.  I have to work tomorrow so I'm not feeling much like party crashing a wild ruckus tonight, but here is what I am up to this evening...

Drinking: A Fox Barrel Blackberry Pear Cider.  Mmm mmm delish.  I got hooked on these a few months back when I stumbled upon them in the beer/wine section of Central Market.  A cider lover's delight, lemme tell ya.

Listening to: Good ol' Grizzly Bear.  I'm really digging their new album right now so it's made me reinvent my love for the group by going back and listening to their beginnings.  I'm head over heels for the remixed version of the 'Horn of Plenty' album.  Especially this song:

Realizing: There are a lot of shortcuts I am unaware of on my MacBook.  I just accidentally pushed command + G and a weird little search bar popped down under my bookmarks bar.  Also, it's fun to listen to a song on YouTube at the same as a song is playing on Spotify.  Trippy.

Pondering: How narcissistic, rude and self-entitled some people act.  This has been an axe-murdering of a week at work due to a myriad of factors.  I stayed late today to type up a statement for my manager regarding an incident in which a self-entitled jack-booty went a little too far.  I'm just so ready for tomorrow to be over and done with.  Thank god I'm off on Sunday and Monday.

Anticipating: My birthday!  I always look forward to it for some reason.  Hey, maybe I'm one of those narcissistic freaks who craves attention.  Anyway, I already know what Jason is getting me, and I'm super excited to receive it, and I'm moving into my "mid-twenties" which can only be a good thing, right?  Right.

Enjoying: These little baby pumpkins I bought at the store today on the way home.  They just complete my Halloween decor.  Hunter likes them too :)

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