Like Crazy

Like Crazy is one of the sweetest, most realistic movies I have ever seen.  I am so mad at myself for letting it just sit on my Netflix queue for months without checking it out.  The actors are brilliant, the story is haunting and lovely, and I just can't stop thinking about it.  Definitely one of my new favorite films.

The story begins with two young college students who meet in a class in Los Angeles.  Anna is an ambitious writer from the UK studying in LA on a student visa.  Jacob is starting his own custom-made furniture business with his degree in architecture.  She pursues him by writing him a love letter and leaving it on his car.  He is smitten with her tenacity and beauty and calls her up and of course they fall madly in love.  Then the sad part happens - she's only in the states for as long as her visa allows and must go back to the UK.  Time runs out, and she panics and on a whim decides to ignore the requirements of the visa and just stay in LA with Jacob for the summer.  That, of course, comes back to bite her as the government doesn't mess around when it comes to immigration policies.  After a week's vacation to the UK to see her parents, U.S. Customs at LAX will not let Anna back into the states because of her visa violation so she is forced on a plane back to the UK, away from Jacob.  The remaining length of the movie illustrates the struggles and insecurities of their long distance relationship as they both build separate, successful lives in totally different countries.  

I highly recommend seeing this film if you're into love stories.  It's one of the best that I've seen.  It's a story about first love, being human, making decisions, facing consequences and the reminder that change is beautiful and devastating all at once.

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  1. This is one of my absolute favorite movies! I have been obsessed since I saw it in the theater.


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