Oh, Friday.

Flashback Friday // Me & my Pop, circa 1988

Whelp...I tried my darnedest not to get sick, and it happened nonetheless.  My head feels like a balloon floating a million miles away up in the sky, and I keep coughing up the most disgusting things.  TMI, I know.  My apologies.  

Hopefully I feel much better come Sunday when Jason and I are off to San Antonio for our little getaway.  I'm working the evening shift tonight at work which will be really weird.  I hope I can stay awake!  Then, I'll have to turn around and work the morning shift tomorrow, but oh well, it's the price I pay for requesting too many days off I suppose.  

I'm still job hunting.  I've applied for a total of eleven jobs so far this year.  Here's hoping something catches!  I'm trying my best to stay as optimistic as possible.

Enjoy your Friday!

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  1. Dear Cousin,
    I think you're pretty fantastic and could probably land a spectacular job on your own without any help. But, if you do want a second set of eyes to glance over a resume or cover letter, know that I'm here with 2 years of career services experience backing me up and would love nothing more than to help you out in any way you'd like :)


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