Enjoying: this gorgeous Thursday off from work with Jason!  He flies out early tomorrow morning to Breckenridge, Colorado for our friend Corey's bachelor party/weekend getaway/snowboarding trip.  He'll be gone for three days; it's going to be so weird for me because I've never been alone overnight at home since we've lived together.  So crazy!  Today he has to grab a few last minute items for the trip, and I will happily accompany him so we can get out of the apartment together and enjoy this bright, windy day.  Later on this afternoon, I'm going to assist in the bottling process of his second batch of Green Belt Pale Ale and whip up some crockpot pulled pork tacos for dinner!

Working on: saving money!  I would really like to purchase a new MacBook soon.  My current one is slowly dying on me.  It won't even let me view videos because the software I am running is too outdated to update Adobe Flash Player.  I could go out and buy the newer software, but my disc drive has been out of service for a couple of years now and I'm planning on getting a new computer soon anyway.  I'm also trying to sell my iPhone 4 along with four phone cases on eBay so I can upgrade to the iPhone 5.

Listening to: my new favorite band, alt-J.  Thanks to KUTX, I've been hearing a lot of this up-and-coming English quartet, who happen to being playing SXSW this year!  I'm hoping to catch a day party  or two, so maybe I'll stumble upon one of their sets.

Watching: my current guilty pleasure, The Vampire Diaries.  I just cannot get enough of Stefan, Damon, Elena and their crazy dramatic love triangle.  I'm a little over halfway through season three, and I just know I will be super depressed when I've finished it.  The series started off kind of slow, cheesy and uneventful, but now it's actually got a pretty wonderful story-line with highly-developed characters that I've come to love.  I still have my fingers crossed that Ian Somerhalder (Damon) will be cast as Christian Grey ;)  Oh, and last night I watched the 1985 movie Mask and bawled my eyes out until my face was all kinds of red and puffy.  I had seen it before a loonnngg time ago with my dad, and I had remembered it being pretty heavy, but dear lord, I was a mess!  And oddly enough, I rediscovered my love for Eric Stoltz and researched him online for a while after the movie was over.  I didn't realize that he has dated some of the '80s all-time hottest actresses including Jennifer Jason Leigh and Bridget Fonda.  Wowie wow wow!  Smokin' HOT couples alert.

Anyway, I'm off to enjoy my day!  And you should go have a great one yourself :)

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