Annual KTSW music festival set to deliver ‘energy’ next year

Texas State’s radio station, KTSW, has organized and conducted its own free promotional music festival for the past two years. The festival has been dubbed the name “MR.Fest,” which stands for My Radio Fest.

MR.Fest debuted in April 2008 at Lucy’s, now Bar One-41. Alternative rock group Sputnik Monroe came all the way from Los Angeles to headline the act, but before their set, the audience at Lucy’s eagerly witnessed music by Petals, Funkotron, Spank and Three Leaf. The festival proved to be a success, which persuaded KTSW to try to make this an annual event.

The second MR.Fest took place in May, but this time the station decided to stretch the festival out and make it an all-day event. Different music genres filled San Marcos from 11 a.m. until 1 a.m. with sets at The Coffee Pot, Texas Skate, Classic Tattoo and Triple Crown. Austin’s Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears closed the festival with a soulful finale at Bar One-41.

Emily Geoca, pre-psychology sophomore, has attended both of the festivals, and said she is eager to make an appearance in 2010.

“I really enjoyed all of the bands that played, and the atmosphere and energy were fabulous,” said Geoca.

According to KTSW station manager Adam Swank, electronic media senior, next year’s MR.Fest might even be extended to a two-day long event, but plans have yet to be finalized.

Attendance at the festival increased from last year to this year. Also, the more word that is spread about MR.Fest, the more likely the town will see bigger named bands in the lineup.

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