New band makes presence known in Houston, Austin areas

The group of 20-something, small-town, big-dreamer musicians is armed and ready with a boxy, hot rod DeVille, an array of overdrive and effects pedals and a tough-as-nails will to turn heads and change lives.
Heroine Stereo is Josh Homme meets a younger, more hostile version of Patti Smith by unleashing a traditionally rough sound with a new technique.
Casey Horn, lead vocalist and guitarist, and Thom Truver, guitarist and additional rock provider, have been making the purest form of rock music together practically since they could walk. They went from The Gentlemen’s Club to Shake Shake to their current and most notable project, Heroine Stereo, give or take a few other bands.Now, teamed with drummer Robby Fruge and bassist Kevin Higgins Jr., the boys are back and ready to feed every mind, body and soul willing to listen with a profound, raw alternative sound that still motivates listeners to get down on the dance floor.
The foursome is recording their first six-track EP and plan to have a full-length album out by December.

Horn, also the songwriter, said Queens of the Stone Age, Deftones, Spoon and The Toadies heavily influenced him in style. There are definite similarities in sound and lyric content, but Horn adds enough of his own touch to wow his devout listeners.
Horn shows a softer side in comparison to the raw, edgy melodies with lyrics such as “don’t it make you sad that we’re just chemicals waiting for connection/ We’re all wandering around our lives waiting for a speck of attention,” from the song titled “This is the Night.”
Guitarist Thom Truver said his favorite songs to play are “The Bronze Age,” “Stones and Glass Houses” and “You Must Be an Alien.”
“Those three are the best, mostly because we can, and have been able to, play them with our eyes closed and can spend more time entertaining the audience, such as the ladies,” Truver said.
Heroine Stereo formed in June of this year is unsigned, but has played a number of shows, most of which have taken place at the newly founded Trash Bar Texas in Humble. Horn said he thinks the shows have drawn in a fairly large crowd for such a new collaboration.
As far as upcoming shows, the band is scheduled to play again at Trash Bar Texas this Friday and at Super Happy Fun Land in downtown Houston Saturday. They recently booked a show in Austin for Sept.18 at The Parlor on East North Loop Boulevard and plan to schedule more in the Austin and San Marcos areas during the next few months.
Heroine Stereo may be a new band, but each member has been playing some form of music from early on. Truver said he loves to entertain and hopes the right people notice them, but for now, he’s just having fun jamming with his best friends and partaking in his passion.

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