Jack White makes legendary collaborations

Jack White, most prominently known as the front man of Detroit-based rock duo, The White Stripes, has embarked on a myriad of different musical collaborations over the past few years.

White’s latest endeavor is rumored to be a fusion of his own rock genius with a well-known band called The Rolling Stones. Legendary guitarist and songwriter Keith Richards announced in Rolling Stone magazine that White is scheduled to make an appearance on the band’s upcoming LP, which they will begin recording next year.

White also starred in David Guggenheim’s latest film 'It Might Get Loud', alongside U2’s David Howell Evans, or The Edge, and Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page. The film, released this month, documents the “coming together” of three of the most influential guitarists spanned across the past 50 years.

According to MTV.com, The White Stripes unexpectedly cancelled 17 tour dates in September of 2007, announcing drummer Meg White’s acute anxiety disorder as the cause. As of today, the band has yet to play a live show aside from a performance on Late Night with Conan O’Brien in February this year.

The surprise hiatus did not seem to slow White’s unfaltering involvement in the music industry. He has continued to record and perform live with The Raconteurs, a blues-rock band he formed with solo artist Brendan Benson in 2005. The group has released two successful albums so far including Broken Boy Soldiers in 2006 and last year’s Consolers of the Lonely.

White’s most recent attempt at an alternative rock band is The Dead Weather, which he formed with Alison Mosshart of The Kills, Dean Fertita of Queens of the Stone Age and Jack Lawrence of The Raconteurs. The foursome debuted at the opening of White’s recording studio, Third Man Records, in the country music capital of Nashville on Mar. 11 of this year. The band released their first single Hang You From the Heavens shortly after their first live performance. The Dead Weather’s first full-length album, Horehound, was released this summer, and includes a cover of Bob Dylan’s New Pony.

A note to all Jack White fans in the area: the group is scheduled to play Oct. 4 at Austin City Limits music festival.

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