Lots of Righteous Death at the Mohawk Last Night

Photo by Jim Barrett
BASS DRUM OF DEATH is probably my favorite new band.  Lo-fi garage rock produced by two cuties from Oxford, Mississippi that you can dance to?  I think yes.  Their 2011 release, GB City, is true love on ice with a cherry on top as far as I'm concerned.  I have listened to this album countless times over the past year, and it never ever ever gets old.  Jason and I had the pleasure of seeing them live for the second time last night at the Mohawk with the also awesome duo DZ Deathrays from Australia.  BDOD is currently recording their second album which I will be buying on the release date.  And I will continue to see them live every time they come through Austin.

Here are some old-ish videos from the SPIN Loft during SXSW in Austin last year:

Many thanks to John Barrett and Colin Sneed for the colossal amount of fun I had last night.


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