On Feeling Like I'm Finally Growing Up

Well, it came just in the nick of time.  In the midst of many unacknowledged job applications and unresolved phone interviews, I received an offer for a promotion at work, and I happily accepted!  I am now one of two Front Office Supervisors which means I am part of the management team and will have to play the role of Manager On Duty on several occasions.  It's a little nerve-racking, and I know it will be a challenge for me - yet another step out of my cushy comfort zone (eek!) - buuuutttt I know I can do it, and it can only be good for me, right?  Right.  So I began training for the new job exactly a week ago, and training continues through the end of this week and then I'll be on my own.  If I manage to get anything out of this, the management experience will be a wonderful new addition to my resume.  It's super nice to be making more money too!  To add to the good news, Jason also received a promotion that's been a long time coming for sure.  He even calculated that our new combined income is above the average household income in Austin, so that's pretty exciting!  It seems silly, but I finally feel like I'm getting somewhere in life, like I'm right where I need to be, and all will be well.  Everything is coming together in the best possible way, and it just makes me so so relieved and happy.  If all goes as it should, we'll be house-hunting in September!  Finally got a piece of the pie.

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