Backyard BBQ Summer Playlist

First of all, I hope you all had a fabulous fourth of July with lots of beer, hot dogs and pseudo-patriotic enthusiasm!  I had to work until 11 p.m. last night, but afterward I was able to meet up with Jason, Corey and our friends Kyle and Krista, who are visiting from San Francisco, for some celebratory beers in honor of America's birthday.

It's been a while since I've posted one of my notorious playlists (hardy har), but I swear it's not me!  It's my aging little MacBook that is just barely trucking along at this point.  It refuses to play ANY videos, music links or really anything that requires Adobe Flash Player because apparently my computer is too old to undergo the updates.  Oh, and it can't handle the latest version of Spotify either (which is why I can't take screen shots of my Spotify playlists as I have in the past).  I would love to run out and buy a new one, but unfortunately money doesn't grow on trees for this household, and I would prefer to save my money for our upcoming trip to the Pacific Northwest.  Maybe after the trip I'll start factoring a new computer into my budget!  Until then, please bare with me and accept my typed out song listings.  Here are some of my favorite songs to blast during the summer.  I'm talking windows down, salty beach air, the smell of sunscreen, the taste of popsicles, summer love and everything else that makes our hearts go pitter-patter this time of year.  I encourage you, obviously, to check these songs out for yourself via Spotify, iTunes, Grooveshark, Pandora, YouTube or however else you kids listen to music these days!  Enjoy :)

"Goodbye" - Best Coast
"Catalina" - Allah-Las
"Dream Captain" - Deerhunter
"Royals" - Lorde
"Down By The Water" - The Drums
"Baby" - She & Him
"Sleepwalker" - Nerve City
"Smooth Sailing" - Queens of the Stone Age
"Indigo Meadow" - The Black Angels
"Cola" - Lana Del Rey
"Solitude Is Bliss" - Tame Impala
"King of the Beach" - Wavves
"Demons (Diplo Remix)" - Sleigh Bells
"Wild" - Beach House
"Such A Bore" - Bass Drum of Death
"The Purple Bottle" - Animal Collective
"Don't Worry Baby" - The Beach Boys
"You're So Fine" - Ricky Nelson


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