Ruby Sparks

Well I finally got around to watching Ruby Sparks a couple of days ago after I'd been wanting to watch it for the past year or something crazy.  It was on our Netflix queue for a while, but, if you are at all familiar with our Netflix queue, you know that movies get pushed around and rearranged multiple times before they make it to the prized No.1 spot.  It's really quite the indecisively violent place for film, you know.  Anyway, we recently acquired a free trial of HBO, which I'm sure we will ultimately end up permanently keeping, so Jason has been recording tons of amazing movies for us to watch at our leisure.  He noticed Ruby Sparks was coming on so he recorded it for me knowing I'd been wanting to see it and being aware of my not-so-secret celeb crush on Paul Dano.  

It's a beautifully adorable story written by the actress that plays Ruby, Zoe Kazan (Paul Dano's lady and granddaughter of renowned classic film director Elia Kazan).  It's about a famous writer named Calvin (Paul Dano) who manifests a woman using his mind and his magical typewriter.  As fictional and unrealistic as the story may be, it brings to light some very real issues that are common in romantic relationships such as losing interest, the desire/inability to change your partner, jealousy, risk and insecurity over possible infidelity.  I've talked a lot on here about how I fall completely in love with a movie if it makes me FEEL.  I want to feel it ALL.  I want to cry, I want to smile, I want to get chills down my spine, I want to burst out in laughter, I want to blush, I want to cringe, etc.  Ruby Sparks definitely had me at hello.  I strongly encourage you to see it for yourself!  

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