Found Treasures

I was going through pictures on my computer and came across these few snapshots from this past Mothers' Day.  I guess I had forgotten to share them on my post from that day.  This sweet little moment was captured early on in the day when Aunt Kandace (left in the picture) and Mikki (right) were showing Nana the progress of their homegrown backyard vegetable garden.  I feel like it goes without saying how much I love my family.  I mention them quite a bit on my blog because they are such a huge and crucial component in my life.  I know it sounds redundant and cliché, but I honestly don't know what I would do without each and every one of them.  Besides, how precious is my Nana? If you've ever met her, you know how hilarious, honest, strong and absolutely beautiful she is.  I wish I could see her more and that there weren't three hours of highway between us, but that just means, when I do get a chance to see her, it matters that much more to me, and I try to make each and every second count.


  1. I love your Nana! These are such sweet photos :)

    1. Thanks, Em! You're such a faithful commenter!


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