West Coast Trip: Seattle Day Two

On our second day in Seattle, we woke up, looked out the window and noticed rain had moved in over night (duh, it's Seattle) and, of course, silly me didn't think to bring my umbrella.  After filling up on typical hotel breakfast foods, we walked a couple of blocks over to Walgreens so I could buy an umbrella that I literally didn't open a single time our entire trip.  Like the day before, we made the trek back down to Pike Place Market to a take a longer look at everything going on over there.  Pretty exciting place, that Pike Place.  The first attraction we sort of stumbled upon was the original Starbucks location.  I couldn't get a very good picture of it because there were people annoyingly congregating all around the front door in addition to a troubadour/homeless person with self-proclaimed talent blocking the logo on the window.  However, I think I managed to snap a photo that proves we were there well enough.  Ironically, our coffee-starved bodies made the executive decision to leave Starbucks and mosey over to a local coffee shop down the street known as Local Color.  I ordered a London Fog, which was absolutely perfect for the slightly chilly day, and Jason went with some variation of an Americano.  It was a lovely little business run by, what appeared to be, a husband and wife duo who were very friendly and helpful with order recommendations!  

Coffee and tea in hand, we wandered down the block until we were bombarded with people passing out free samples of all kinds of delicious treats.  We tried some organic greek yogurt with blackberries (yum!) and some potato & leek soup with and without a couple drops of truffle oil (double yum!).  We didn't buy anything from the market vendors, but it was certainly a fun experience to explore everything - fresh flowers, fruits, veggies, fish, dairy products, handmade crafts, artwork, etc.  

After Pike Place, we made our way back up near our hotel to the EMP (Experience Music Project) Museum.  Okay.  So this museum was basically MADE for Jason and me.  They have a "Can't Look Away" horror film exhibit that displays props used in several horror movies including the axe from The Shining and Jason's mask and weapon from Friday the 13th.  So amazingly cool.  There were also exhibits featuring props from Sci-Fi and Fantasy films, Jimi Hendrix and his duration in London, Women Who Rock and, the best of all, an entire room with all things Nirvana - Taking Punk to the Masses.  I learned something truly earth-shattering.  The first time Kurt Cobain smashed a guitar was literally ON the day of my birth, October 30, 1988.  That's right.  It all makes sense now.  The museum also had this pretty crazy room they called Sky Church that has an enormous HD LED screen and a super intense sound system where they put on live concerts, extreme video game playing and movies.

A few hours later, we had finally seen everything the EMP had to offer and went back to the hotel to grab the rental car so we could go check out a highly recommended "hip" neighborhood called Ballard.  The first place we went to was The BalMar, a romantic, sparkly-lit bar/restaurant.  Jason tried a few local brews while I sipped a delicious handcrafted cocktail (or two) known as the Guilty Conscience.  It was essentially a Pimm's Cup cocktail with vodka sans the Pimm's.  I enjoyed it quite thoroughly.  When our tummies began to rumble, we tried some burgers at King's Hardware.  I got the After School Special burger that came dressed with peanut butter AND bacon.  It was a treat indeed, but definitely not the best burger i've ever devoured.  I don't remember how I found out about it, but before we even went to Ballard, I knew I wanted to try a molten chocolate cake at Hot Cakes.  If you're a fan of chocolate, I highly suggest you book your flight to Seattle NOW and go straight there to die happy with a face covered in molten chocolate cake.  This place is a dream for real.  And that is how day two in Seattle came to a conclusion and I am 100% at peace with that.

Jimi Hendrix's guitar

That's right. Kurt Cobain smashed his first guitar on the exact day of my birth.

Kurt Cobain's first smashed guitar


  1. You got some great shots of the back of my head on this trip!

    1. Yeah! Didn't have much of choice. You were always walking up ahead of me while I was trying to get pictures! And I didn't wanna be TOO annoying constantly asking you to pose for pictures.

  2. That museum is so cool! You guys and I would travel well together, lots of different food spots!! That cake does look delicious -- not too sure how I feel about the peanut butter and bacon burger though, LOL!


  3. I tried a London Fog for the first time while in Vancouver and I loved it! I need to remember to get those more often...although I rarely drink coffee outside of my morning cup.

    I'm glad y'all went to the EMP :) That was where I first discovered the song Lump by The Presidents of the United States of America

    That cake looks and sounds AWESOME! I think I need to go to Seattle again just for that ;)


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