Dallas: Girls' Weekend/Reunion

Last Friday I drove up to Dallas for a refreshing weekend with my ladies.  As I've mentioned before, Heather and Emily both moved up to the Dallas area after college to work at Fossil.  Heather still works there, but Emily has since moved on to a different job.  Sammy, who lives back in Humble currently finishing up her degree, and I set aside this particular weekend to go up for a visit.  We hadn't been together all at once (minus Taylor who lives up in NY) since possibly Christmas of 2008, which is just ridiculous.  It is way too much fun being all together for it to only happen every few years, but I'll take what I can get.

So just a quick recap of the weekend - Friday night, Emily and I picked up Heather and Sammy and drove out to Plano for dinner at Ra Sushi.  I had never been before and was so excited to try it!  We ordered four rolls to share - all delicious - and a round of sake sangria.  After dinner, Heather and Emily surprised Sammy and I with movie tickets to a midnight showing of a horror film called The Pact that was part of the Dallas International Film Festival going on right now.  The movie was extremely suspenseful and entertaining, with a nicely original plot.

Saturday mid-morning we met up at Taverna for brunch with a few others including my bestie, Jessica, who was in town from Denton for DIFF.  The second "surprise" of the weekend was a little canoeing/kayaking on White Rock Lake, which turned out to be a blast.  It was also a nice upper-body workout; the next day my shoulder blades and biceps were a tad tender, but I'm not complaining because lord knows they needed it.  After canoeing/kayaking, we spruced up for dinner at Katy Trail Icehouse and then went out and painted the town like the good ol' days, even enjoyed a few honey butter chicken biscuits at the end of the night.

Before Sammy and I headed out early Sunday afternoon, we enjoyed one last meal together at In-N-Out Burger - another first for me.  It was definitely a nice treat, especially with the burger and fries both animal-style.  I wouldn't say it's better than Mighty Fine or P Terry's however, but I inhaled it just the same.

Here are a few pictures from the weekend.  I took way less than I intended, but at least I remembered to pack my camera!

Friday night at DIFF

Saturday at Taverna for brunch

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