Music Monday & Some Links

Grizzly Bear is by far one of the best musical groups to ever grace my little ears.  Their music and talent is so lusciously decadent and beautiful I cannot even bring myself to call them a "band."  Musical group just sounds so much more appropriate.  If you've never really listened to them, aside from a few of their songs on commercials, the best way I can describe their sound is that it's like listening to flowers blooming, clouds floating, blades of grass rippling in the wind and snow lightly falling in an open meadow...if those things could produce music.  It's truly enlightening.  Now that I've totally built them up in your mind, I hope you actually enjoy it as much as I do and in the same infectious manner.


I haven't shared any links in quite a while, so I thought now would be a good time:

Here are some instructions on how to make the Perfect Pie Crust.

Seven delicious (and healthy) snacks high in protein.  These all sound so wonderful, especially the peanut butter yogurt dip!

I adore these shorts and these moccasins by Free People.

Andie's blog entry about planning a Caribbean vacation is so inspiring and I love all her pictures. 

How many of these books do you remember from childhood?  The Little House was one of my favorites!

This is a perfect and pretty example of an ideal day of eating.

And finally, a couple of Easter entries from two of my favorite blogs - one & two.

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