Jason's New Musical Project

Hello everyone!  Sorry for the delay in my Dallas post.  I've been pretty busy since I got back, and our internet was down until this morning so I haven't been able to share.  I wanted to take a little time to introduce you to Jason's latest musical endeavor, Affordable Caskets.  I'm not sure if I've mentioned before, but he's an amazing guitar player and has played in a number of bands throughout the years, mostly metal.  He listens to and enjoys all different kinds of music, but he's always said metal is the most fun for him to write, play and record.  I'm really proud of him for keeping up with his passion; even though he doesn't have time for a full-fledged band right now, he's still writing and recording music himself.  So I highly encourage you to check out his latest track, even if metal isn't really your thing.  Jason is super talented and just might surprise you!  

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