Summer Lovin'

"And if you're scared of the future tonight,
We'll just take each hour one at a time.
It's a pretty good night for a drive,
So dry up those eyes, dry up those eyes.
Because the radio will still play loud,
Songs that we heard as our guards came down.
Like in the summertime when we first met,
I'll never forget, don't you forget - these nights are still ours."
The Gaslight Anthem

It's lame, but I just now (like today) started listening to The Gaslight Anthem, and I don't for the life of me know why.  I am so surprised I never gave them a chance before, especially since I've always been an Against Me! fan.  I am a stranger to myself sometimes.  Their songs seem like good summertime songs - the lyrics are angsty, youthful and tell cute little stories of love and heartbreak.  Is there really anything better?  No, there isn't.

Ahhh, yesterday Jason and I got our sushi fix down in good ole San Marcos, Texas at Japan Latino.  I got my usual Sex on the Beach roll, Jason got the Seafood Dynamite roll and we each treated ourselves to Sakeritas.  Yum!  My mouth is watering, guys.  I could seriously eat sushi every single day.  

Some things I'm excited about right now:

1.  Eating sushi again ASAP  :)

2.  Moving on with my life, and refusing to let this post-college/pre-successful-adult-life chew me up and spit me out.  I will make something of myself!  This economy will not keep me down.

3.  PORTLAND next month with my best friend, Jessica.  I've already started piecing together a tentative schedule of events.  Planning ahead and looking forward to something keeps me sane.

4.  Looking into possibly doing something fancy for mine and Jason's three year anniversary.  I mentioned staying a night at the Driskill or maybe a resort on Lake Travis.  Basically, whatever we can afford when the time comes, but it will be extra special and full of love nonetheless.

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